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- Jan 18, 2019 -


The first item the manufacturer will need from you will be to provide them with are spec sheets. Spec sheets are the full design details including measurements, fabrics, printing techniques, and supporting images for the garments you want produced. It is best to provide the most amount of detail and information possible. Below is an simple example of the spec sheets we use. Click here to download your own copy to get you started.


In addition to spec sheets, some manufacturers may want tech pack. Tech packs are the all encompassing designs including full detailed measurements, lining details, button and zipper customisation if required, woven labels, swing tags, packaging, etc. A great site to create this is Tech Packer. Here you will be able to create your own tech packs as well as share it directly with the manufacturer and suppliers. It is free to register and has already received support from Sylvia Lam from Billabong and William Mera from Victoria Secret Pink. Its a great tool to get you started - check it out!

Based on your spec sheets, manufacturers should be able to provide you with production cost quotes. However, it is sometimes difficult to gauge the true fabric usage and time to produce 1 piece. For example: when making board shorts; you might be making very similar pairs in the same fabrics but depending on the fabrics usages, complexity of design, amount of pattern pieces and cuts needed, this will impact your cost. Some manufacturers may produce the sample first and then bill you for payment. The drawback to this is the possibility of being surprised with a cost you were not expecting but already obligated to pay.

Once you get the quotes from the manufacturer, you will want to negotiate with them to see if you are able to bring the costs down. When you are happy with the production cost, only then should you proceed into the clothing manufacturing process. Be prepared with a realistic budget in place!