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- Jan 18, 2019 -


Before we outline the steps of the clothing manufacturing process, having the right mindset is crucial and needs to be the first step addressed. There are certain aspects which will allow the process to run more smoothly and seamlessly if you are aware of them.

Learning to be more flexible - things are constantly changing and do not go at a fast pace; but making quality products should take time - anything good in life does. It is a process and there must be back and forth open communication - it does not happen overnight, it takes time -  be prepared to devote time to making it work.

Understanding the timing of the clothing manufacturing processes - We provide a general guideline for a production of 3 months; after the completion of the patterns and samples which in itself can take 2 weeks to 2 months, but this is not set in stone. If we are able to finish the production sooner; we will, but sometimes it can take longer depending on a number of factors. There are many moving parts that all need to be lined up to make everything flow which vary based on your production but include sourcing fabric, making screens, digital strike offs, printing, batik, sublimation, leather work, hardware, woven tags, swing tags, mass production, shipping, QC, etc.  The first productions will take slightly longer in most cases than the latter.

Quality products come at a cost; the bottom line is important to everyone involved - at both ends. Work with your manufacturer to negotiate low production costs. Keeping these low will allow your brand to expand and grow faster by manufacturing more. Additionally, knowing that you will be manufacturing in ethical ways by providing ethical living wages for families and communities where you produce should be a major factor. The cost associated with doing business to produce quality products should not be sacrificed. Many places cannot  and will not compete with pricing of places like China, India or Vietnam so be realistic of what you are going to pay for quality and ethical manufacturing.

Producing samples and a mass production are time consuming; it will require attention. If you are not able to provide it the attention it deserves and requires, than working with an agent or consultant is best.


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