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elastic biggest advantage
- Jan 26, 2019 -

The biggest advantage of spandex fabric is that it has good elasticity and can be stretched 5-8 times. It is not aging. Spandex cannot be woven separately. It is generally woven with other raw materials. The ratio of spandex is about 3-10%. The spandex fabric of swimwear fabric. The ratio reached 20%. Spandex fibers have high elongation at break (400% or more), low modulus and high elastic recovery. The Chinese trade name of multi-block polyurethane fiber. Also known as elastic fiber. Spandex has high elongation (500% to 700%), low modulus of elasticity (200% elongation, 0.04 to 0.12 g/denier) and high elastic recovery (200% elongation, 95% to 99%). In addition to high strength, other physical and mechanical properties are very similar to natural latex yarns. It is more resistant to chemical degradation than latex yarns, has moderate thermal stability, and has a softening temperature of about 200 ° C or higher. Most dyes and finishes for synthetic and natural fibers are also suitable for dyeing and finishing spandex. Spandex is sweat-resistant, sea-resistant and resistant to a wide range of dry cleaners and most sunscreens. Long-term exposure to sunlight or fading in chlorine bleach, but the degree of fading varies with the type of spandex, which varies greatly.