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Introduction to MMA
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Synthetic combat, namely MMA (Mixed martial arts), is a very open competitive combat sport.

MMA Competition using finger gloves, the rules of the tournament can not only stand up and fight, but also to the ground, the competition allows players to use boxing, Brazilian jujitsu, Thai Boxing, wrestling, karate, judo, Sanda, cut boxing Road and other technologies, known as the "10 decathlon". The MMA tournament and its players are usually under the supervision of the local government's athletic committee, and the competition is divided into different levels according to weight. The MMA Open Tournament rules create a unified platform for different styles of fighting players, makes the fist leg knee elbow and so on stand to attack the technique, the joint technique and the strangulation technique and so on ground surrender technology, has the bosom to hold the leg and so on the close body wrestling technique and so on the different martial technology obtains the perfect combination and the demonstration, has formed the system and the unique MMA technical system The prototype of MMA can be traced back to the ancient Greek arena (Pankration) and the ancient Chinese da Lei, the modern Brazilian unrestrained combat (Vale Tudo) opened its precedent, then Bruce Lee in the fighting concept and form of exploration for its contribution,

The UFC in late 20th century and the Gracie family introduced the Brazilian jujitsu to the tournament, marking the formal birth of modern MMA.