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The history of singlet
- Jun 28, 2018 -

China Liang fork of wei jin northern and southern dynasties is the outline of vest, as an open-necked sleeveless tunic dress, imitation since the han dynasty Liang fork armoured, take its the meaning of when the back be careful (see photo), the song called vest to qing dynasty, Vest shape is diversiform, have cloth mandarin pipa breasted, etc., and the men and women all can wear with one are cross new plastron row 13 ba TuLu (manchu) warrior tank top, early for government officials, also for the general officials after wearing, soldiers will vest for serving-men during the period of the republic of China, many working people will vest as a coat to wear wear vest is very common in modern life vest generally material according to its name, such as leather vest wool vest etc. It can make a single clip, also can fill in the clip vest flocculant flocculant by material material respectively according to cotton vest vest cashmere down vest, etc