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Brazilian Jujitsu Training Why Do You Need To Wear A Suit?
- Jun 28, 2018 -

For professional MMA fighters, or MMA lovers, do you need youdao for BJJ? This is a subject of constant debate both at home and abroad. In fact, there is no definite answer to this question. The choice is personal. According to my own understanding of Brazilian jujitsu, I have some opinions on this issue for your reference!

First, if you are an amateur Brazilian jujitsu enthusiast, there is no need to argue that you must train in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu suit. This is not only look cool, this is the basic conditions of a martial arts in succession, maintain its tradition, the tao clothing, belt, etiquette, culture, etc., be short of one cannot, I think it is necessary for us to maintain its unique culture, they can better inherits the essence of jujitsu, is not only the technical power, the more important is its culture and spirit.

Second, if you are a professional MMA fighter, or MMA fans, you should also be a certain amount of training youdao jujitsu uniform, because youdao clothing jujutsu is more complex, technical stronger, more emphasis on technical accuracy, more delicate, more emphasis on technology, better able to improve a fighter mastery of technology, to the opponent's control ability is stronger.

The essence of jujitsu is the game between control and counter-control under the leverage principle. It's easier to control, harder to get rid of, harder to control, harder to control, more emphasis on strength and explosive power. A simple example, youdao clothing to grasp the more easily, and it's harder to get rid of if you alone strength and explosive force, have to grasp the good opponents, get rid of is very, very difficult, consumes a lot of energy, but no way suit for control is difficult, controlled by strength and explosive force is more likely to get rid of opponents. So the uniforms for jujitsu the supplementary role of training there is no doubt that uniforms can let jujitsu against more emphasis on technical, using the technology, the lever to game, rather than simply brutal force confrontation, strength is limited, and the technology is infinite, the fight at the highest level of power and technology, such as the UFC, forever is technology has the upper hand, power is necessary, of course, but no power of technology met a six-game losing streak with technical power is derived.

So, whether you are a professional MMA fighter, MMA, BJJ training, a technical flow is absolutely right, do you have any explosive force, strength, has a strong physique, it is very good, if you are on this basis, which is based on technology, which is a more perfect oneself! If you don't have the strength or fitness to do it, it's your only option, and while tiago is closing those Windows, it's still giving you a way out.

In the UFC, or MMA, do a lot of champion is not completely don't practice youdao jujitsu uniform, like Cain, Song En these representative, but there is no denying that they are all wrestling is a player, wrestling itself was a dogfight technology, they play decision itself have very good control and the ground hit the feeling of boxing, so for wrestling is a fighter, so long as can fall over each other, control, and ZaJi opponent is enough, and they are not to surrender as the goal, to strive for the victory!

To sum up, I want to say, thank you so much for the Brazilian jujutsu uniforms, he is the best guarantee you a technical flow, brute force is no way out, the two served as the train track, ensure that you are in combat race don't cheat, and line and treasure!