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Brazilian Jujitsu Why Can't Shirtless Wear A Suit?
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Rash Guard early as surfing, diving and other seaside sports equipment, the main function of scratch, sunburn, insulation and other protective uses.

The Rash Guard, in the jiu-jitsu world popular trend also seemed in recent years. At first, most of the contortionists were naked and wearing a robe.

For hygienic reasons, avoid direct skin contact with your opponent and start wearing a sports vest.

In recent years, various jujitsu brands have also started to launch Rash Guard on a large scale, as long as it is used for the use of jujitsu or mma equipment will launch Rash Guard.

Many beginners will ask why you should use Rash Guard. Can you wear a plain T-shirt?

The answer is yes: yes, but uncomfortable.

The benefits of wearing Rash Guard can be seen in terms of functionality, personal hygiene, aesthetics, etc.

1. The functional

Wear a plain T-shirt, or unprofessional tight clothing, because of the material, in the case of large-scale sweating, it will be uncomfortable to adhere to the skin and cause the problem of poor perspiration. At the same time, because contortion is a close-combat sport, if there is no professional Rash Guard, it will cause skin damage.

In addition, in actual combat, ordinary t-shirts and tights can be torn and damaged by tearing and cannot be trained smoothly. Good Rash Guard, can improve air permeability and perspiration, and effectively play a protective role.

2. Personal hygiene

Because of a high degree of jujitsu movement sweating, especially in the summer, if topless training leads to sweat with training partners cross infection, or skin diseases caused by skin direct contact with the mat.

At the same time, because road wear ground friction will also cause direct damage to the skin, resulting in infection. So for hygiene reasons, Rash Guard is a necessity.

3. Beautiful

It's stinky. The Rash Guard bulges (except for those without it) because it is too tight. Also, soapy's Rash Guard is more colorful and has many patterns, so it can be used to show character.

In general, as a senior player, it's embarrassing not to have a good Rash Guard for a few years.