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In Recent Years, Some Trends In The Field Of MMA
- Jun 28, 2018 -

1.Pour too much publicity into individual fighters

Although there are a few iconic MMA players in every era, the UFC seems to have focused on individual players in recent years. At the end of 2016, for example, when ronda rossi played Amanda nunez in a propaganda battle, there was little special promotion for the winner. Rossi, the challenger, was made into a separate promotional video and received a lot of money. The theme of the UFC207 event was "she's back", referring to rossi's return. And then there's conor McGregor, who is, of course, in almost every promotion about UFC video, and who always comes with a question, whether or not the event has anything to do with him. Plus connor is a big draw, and the UFC certainly goes to great lengths. As a result, other contestants receive relatively little publicity, leading many to deliberately or unintentionally imitate conor McGregor's path. Although reputation needs to be developed by ourselves, the promotion intensity of UFC also basically shows who the company is inclined to and who needs to be paid to make a lot of money.

2.There are a lot of attractive games

With the introduction and rise of a large number of players, there are more and more powerful players in UFC and their styles are not the same. In this way, we can see and look forward to more exciting games. At the moment, most of the TOP 10 players in each order of magnitude are getting attention from fans, not to mention the TOP 5. Such a boom is not only good for UFC, but also gives MMA fans more chances to see good matches. There are a lot of players who step up to the top with their outstanding performances. They have not yet competed with other players of the same level. Plus, today's players are learning to "sell themselves", with some using dirty words and others taking on more friendly challenges. Some of those who have retired are likely to return, and some who are recovering or taking time off are planning their next match. In short, every UFC night now includes at least two or three expected matches. Every UFC digital game includes at least one championship game plus three or four fun games.

3.Players retire with injuries

Somehow, in the last year or two, players have been dropping out more and more frequently, almost instantaneously. In some major tournaments, the players who leave are more attractive to the audience, while in the sideline, the injury is more frequent. This may also be why the UFC has a full schedule of matches and a full schedule of matches. Most of the time, when a player in a major tournament exits and no one is available to replace him, the whole game needs to be cancelled. In this way, the UFC needs to replace the sideline in the UFC Fight Pass with PPV to recharge. But even so, the attention of the event will surely decline. Many players have also lost the support and faith of their fans after being forced out by injury. Some have even struggled to recover from injuries for a while, leaving a huge time gap in their illustrious careers.

4.More competitors are being investigated by the drug test

With the anti-doping association's intervention, UFC players have been caught repeatedly using cheating drugs in recent years. Many legends and have now of the top, one after another by making the testing result of the failure, and the UFC player list, will from time to time one fewer people are looking forward to for a long time. Some of the more closely watched inquiries are: Mr. Morita, Mr. Ben roswell, Mr. DOS santos and others. More recently, it was Jon Jones who was caught on steroids after he beat Daniel comer. Other athletes, who performed spectacularly before the anti-doping association's intervention, have lagged behind. Many people became suspicious and even people had to speculate publicly.

Spray before and hug after

With the emergence of several "pregame taunts," the entire MMA world seems to have entered an atmosphere of "you can only sell a game if you talk dirty before it." With connor - McGregor, Michael, flat, nate diaz value times of this kind of fighter, like Kevin, Tony - Sir Alex ferguson, jorge - mas vidal such players seem to begin to consciously or unconsciously learn the "success". Now social media is almost a platform for UFC fighters to meet. It seems that the more you spray, the more attention you get. But most players know they need to win more fans after the game. They spray each other before the game and hug each other after the game. Whether they win or lose, they will keep their friendship and respect in the end. Against town in Jon Jones Tian Long too, Jones wanted to continue to enjoy a sense of achievement from fans cheering and win the game, but his coach gregg - Jackson opens the mouth to let him go to directly look at Lyoto something that's ok, let Jones to win some fans. Some of the more extreme viewers are even saying, "UFC is moving in the direction of WWE."

6.The importance of coaching rises

In the earliest days, all the attention was paid to the players. When we talk about fighting competitions, we are basically talking about how the fighter is and how good the fighter is. But now the importance of managers is starting to get the attention they deserve. Some top coaches, such as Greg Jackson, fritz zahabi and mark Henry, are respected not only by the players and fans, but also by the MMA community. Some of the lesser bishops (I won't say who...) However, it was ridiculed by everyone and became a big laughingstock in the MMA world. Although I personally did not participate in the MMA too much, I found the importance of coaches when I took my own taekwondo students to the taekwondo competition. Exploiting a player's talents, finding his or her opponent's weaknesses, and sometimes a few words in 30 seconds, can change the outcome -- not to mention in daily training. Even so, taekwondo, a sport that primarily tests the legs, can be imagined as a complex MMA competition that requires an intelligent coach. (neither of the people in the photo is me.)

7.hange the order of magnitude

Weight loss has long been a controversial topic in the MMA community. Weight does play a role in combat. Strong binding power, can hit hurt; Even for a height arm span, the weight is worth losing. But on the other hand, we've seen a lot of athletes who have lost too much weight, trying to compete in a smaller weight class, but they've suffered the side effects of losing weight. More difficult weight loss process and training, physical exertion in the game, technical fluency. These factors have led many players to reconsider the pros and cons and choose to increase their weight. Sometimes, a competitor's weight may be raised just to have a better, longer career. Some players go for more weight, just to prove their ability.

In any case, I am supportive of those who have the courage to make up their minds to gain weight. And we've seen a lot of cases where the weight has gone up and done better.