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MMA Competition Restrictions
- Jun 28, 2018 -

The rules of the game

MMA sports have such a good safety record, mainly because its rules are more safe and humane, and athletes suffer much less damage than other sports. Over the past decade, the MMA has perfected the combination of spectator and safety by improving its rules.

Take the rules of boxing and kickboxing, for example: only fists, elbows, legs and feet are allowed to be used in the fight. Generally, the fight is five to ten rounds. This makes players in boxing and kickboxing competitions have to repeatedly hit their opponents in the key to win; And after a knockout, there's eight to ten seconds left to resume the race. In addition to being subjected to KO or abstaining, weak players must endure seconds and long rounds.

Because the key parts such as head, face, ribs is often a strong hit, so kick boxing and boxing athletes common damage for a concussion, facial bleeding, severe brain injury, internal bleeding and other fatal injury. Therefore, the high casualty and high risk record of boxing matches is closely related to its rules.

Format design

The good safety of MMA competition mainly comes from its reasonable and humanized design of competition rules:

In the MMA competition, you can use the fall and the method to subdue the opponent, thus greatly reducing the number of hits.

The game continues after falling to the ground. The players can use joint and twist skills to control their position through ground fight technology, so that they can subdue their opponents without any bleeding.

In a match, the player can take the initiative to admit defeat and the attacking party will stop attacking after the opponent gives up. Therefore, it can truly achieve the purpose of uniform without hurting people, which is a good embodiment of the civilization of skill attack.

MMA gloves of the game easier to use, take, joint technology, wring lighter damage technology such as technology, and this kind of gloves thinner than the boxing gloves, not only to prevent hand injuries when struck, but also can reduce hit, so as to improve the safety factor of the game.

The MMA game will be cancelled seconds after a knockout, and the referee can stop the game as long as the player is unconscious after being knocked down. In this way, the players will not play when they are not awake.

As a result, injuries are usually bruises, bruises or bruises. Minor injuries to the fingers, toes and face; Serious injuries are rare.

In a sense, the modern MMA is actually a substitute for boxing and boxing. The MMA campaign not only reduces the damage of the game, but also greatly improves the spectator and fluency of the game. Therefore, MMA competition can be said to bring a safety and ornamental revolution to the history of modern sports boxing.