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Practice Brazilian Jujitsu How To Protect Yourself And Avoid Injury
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Whether it's Brazilian jiu-jitsu or other martial arts and athletic training, injuries are inevitable. But if you can pay attention to some details, seriously injured have been completely avoided, especially in the relative safety of Brazilian jujutsu this fight, if you notice the small detail, then the Brazilian jujutsu will no longer be the pain and happiness of the movement, but a fun game. Injury affects not only the effectiveness of BJJ training, but also the work and study of daily life. Injury is not only a physical injury, the attitude and confidence of the enthusiasts will be a great test.

There are several types of injuries in BJJ:

1. Ligament damage and even dislocation of the joints caused by joint technology over-distribution, sudden onset of force and rapid onset of force, as well as swelling and pain of the larynx caused by over-distribution of joint technology.

2. Chest and rib fractures and pleural pleural inflammation due to compression.

3. Suffered from the body's untimely contusion during the body position change and roll. It usually occurs on the fingers, elbows, knees and ankles.

4. Abrasions and other injuries caused by friction between the plio suit and the pad.

So how do you best protect yourself from injury in Brazilian jujitsu training? The following according to their own training experience, for everyone to talk about their own experience.

The best way to protect yourself from injury in Brazilian jujitsu training:

In the training of Brazilian jujitsu, if you care too much about winning or losing, then the most effective in the low phase confrontation is the vigorous and high-speed confrontation. But such a win and loss, in fact, is meaningless. Such a win is only a temporary blip, to the lover's own jujitsu to improve harmful. Because it takes time for technology to master mastery, it may be difficult or even unsuccessful to give up the big power confrontation and try to use more technology. However, the growth of power is limited. When power meets insurmountable bottleneck and cannot overcome the opponent or physical strength, technology is the guarantee for you to overcome the opponent. When your skills are up to par and you can get into a standoff with an opponent who likes to use brute force, use a little more power and you will win. Both so in combat, try to use their respective learn technology, relaxation, the use of conversion, on power use at the time of deployment technology can be the proper use of speed and power, but in the last stage of surrender, must pay attention to your speed and power is applied, the "fast, slow surrender", so that both protect your training partner gave him tap time, also improved his Brazilian jiu-jitsu technique, and in jujitsu you got you two happy and training partner. , of course, if you are that is the role of surrender, not absolutely sure, don't wait for the other side of the joint technology must be all ready to tap again, it's easy to hurt yourself, feeling under control and to surrender before the tap, to protect themselves is also the important guarantee of jujitsu progress. In the long run, everyone pays attention to protecting the training partners, all pay attention to the use of technology, the overall atmosphere will be more relaxed and harmonious mutual assistance. Why not take pleasure in such a confrontation model of multiple benefits?

In Brazilian jujutsu lateral pressure and floating solid action training, a lot of fans all like to use quickly.this power to suppress, so it is easy to cause the opponent chest rib injury, may lead to inflammation and chest pleural effusion or even fracture. I want to hurt your training partner who also do not want to, so as far as possible when doing the action with "sticky and heavy" means, it is best not to use quickly.this outbreak force to suppress your training partners, training is not a game, after all. The goal of training is to improve your contortion and, more importantly, to be happy, right?

In jujitsu training confrontation, it is easy to do some rolling, and there are many cases of imbalance in the body position transition. If you use your hands and feet to support the ground, it is easy to get bruised. Everyone in jujitsu warm up, warming up for the roll of often play a role, do more rolls by background, to form a conditioned reflex, when you need to use these actions will come out to help you. In a confrontation, both sides can effectively reduce the speed to prevent such damage.

About some clothing due to the Brazilian jujutsu tao mat scratch problem, this is hard to avoid, but experience tells me, insist on 2 weeks or so, these annoying scratch, because your skin can adapt to it soon, or inside put a T-shirt to wear wear dress, also can relieve the discomfort of friction. As for knuckle bruising and bruising caused by finger grips, this can be wrapped around fingers with a white tape to kill two birds with one stone.

In the Brazilian jujitsu training, it's important to protect yourself and your partner so that everyone can enjoy the jujitsu in a safe, happy and free way. More technology, more brain, less brute force, I hope everyone's jiu-jitsu a day, I hope the atmosphere of jiu-jitsu Brazil is getting better and better.