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Sports Goods Industry Development Momentum Is Fierce
- Jun 28, 2018 -

April 18, 2017, the 19th session of China (Jinjiang) International footwear Industry and the Second International Sports Expo in Jinjiang opened the curtain.

The Expo focus on the whole sports industry chain, integration of experience and sports services in one, strengthen the brand agglomeration effect, Jina a number of well-known sporting goods enterprises and brands to participate. The "Jinjiang Sporting Goods Industry Development Blue Book (2017)" was released at the meeting. The Blue Book pointed out that after the positive adjustment, the sports goods industry overall already showed certain recovery sign, the order result obviously picks up, the enterprise transformation strength is obvious, examines the product localization, seeks the differentiated competition; The international economic situation is recovering well; the earnings of sporting goods listed companies are improving obviously. Although the depth adjustment process will continue for some time, but the practitioners actively innovate, positive response, return to the benign development of the road is just within reach. The sports industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with an annual income of hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars and an annual growth rate of 20%. Sporting Goods market, as an important part of sports industry, has become a market with unlimited potential.