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Sports Goods Market Warmer Future Development Prospects Are Considerable
- Jun 28, 2018 -

2015 began, China's sporting goods market gradually out of the mire, the overall trend of warmer market. There are indications that the sporting goods industry has weathered the stagnation and recession of the industry, and that a new round of nuggets is coming. With the release of sports industry policy dividend, sports goods as an important part of the mass sports industry, the growth will continue.

Accompanied by a series of sports industry and the guidance of the competition and gradually came to the landing, China's mass sports and fitness sports demand is also in the outbreak of growth, as one of the important sub-industry sports industry in the domestic sporting goods industry is also ushered in a rapid fission. 2014, China's Sporting goods industry added value of 241.8 billion yuan, an increase of 15.89%, for 8 consecutive years to maintain the scale of the industry continued to expand, since 2011, the first two-digit growth.

The total import and export of China's Sporting goods industry in 2014 exceeded the 20 billion dollar mark for the first time, reaching 20.085 billion U.S. dollars and achieving a trade surplus of $17.859 billion. From the main categories of sporting Goods sales data: Sportswear industry, the main listed companies to achieve the cumulative sportswear sales income of 13.254 billion yuan, an increase of 11%; sports shoes industry to achieve sales revenue of 13.177 billion yuan, an increase of 17% , the ball products manufacturing industry to achieve sales revenue of 17.435 billion yuan, an increase of 9.86%; training fitness equipment manufacturing industry to achieve sales revenue of 32.434 billion yuan, increased by 14.85% over the same period; personal sports protection products industry sales revenue to resume growth,

Reached 12.973 billion yuan, an increase of 47.07% per cent. This shows that China's sporting goods industry as a whole strong recovery, return to the rapid growth channel. The favorable policy frequency, the sporting goods industry brand-new development platform period has already basically formed. China's economy under the new normal inflection point, sporting goods industry trend growth. The two-digit growth of the sporting goods industry shows the dynamic characteristics as a new growth field, and also shows the great potential of sports industry under the new strategic layout.

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