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The Development Process Of MMA
- Jun 28, 2018 -


The comprehensive wushu competition can be traced back to the 33rd Olympic Games of ancient Greece in 648 BC, which was called Pankration at that time. The perfect participant should be the best wrestler in boxing, or the best boxer in wrestling. The contestants not only need excellent and comprehensive skills, but also good courage, psychological quality and tactical arrangement. Ancient grapple game, is no rules, is a life and death to muscle, such as the Colosseum is used to match, before the game, players can use any style, you can use the boxing, the ancient Greek combatives fight, wrestling, etc.

In recent years, kicking and take nothing comprehensive combat competition has become the mainstream of world challenge competition, no doubt about the cross training (cross training) and MMA (Mixed wu English abbreviations, namely integrated combat) professional, also there is no doubt already firmly occupy the voice in the international Martial Arts circles, and the back.

In the early 191966 s, when traditional martial persons or competitive with knuckles and inch check type as the principal part of training and competition in an almost mystical take delight in talking about "blow" stunt, Los Angeles FanGuo art museum of vibration period of Bruce lee has been through a lot to improve the training tools and improve training methods, started across the genre, interdisciplinary cross training, and kicking it broke with unlimited I call it "comprehensive JKDMMA, jeet kune do combat" comprehensive art of practice, this is some martial arts critics at home and abroad as a modern comprehensive combat sport globalization began.

Bruce lee advocated unlimited combat more than forty years ago the ideas of jeet kune do, and by one-shot opening and sammo hung the epoch-making modern YuShi unlimited combat, eventually inspired the world for the first time in the 1993 s the ultimate fighting championship (the UFC) by the sponsor (s) : let martial artist in the most close to the real situation of different factions of unlimited under the rules of game, who is stronger? Is allowed to use in the game kicking, elbow, knee, fall off, joint technology, kill any genre technology such as technology, even after the players fall on the ground still can continue to attack, until one side completely, with maximum close to the reality of unlimited of actual combat, as a result, the Brazilian jujutsu Mr Ismail. Gracie has won several championships. For the first time, Brazilian jiu-jitsu has broken people's traditional martial arts view with the strongest skills.

Initially, in such events, athletes are distinct and jujitsu and wrestlers scenery infinite, unify the whole country, however, as the ultimate fighting championship practice to deepen constantly, once let a person think jujitsu new concept of "conservative" martial arts of the world's most powerful again broken by ruthless - because those factions is blurred, stand is proficient in a variety of skills, and familiar with technology of various kinds of comprehensive universal combat players on the ground, start with great advantage.

The development of history, has come the age of Bruce lee super insight: only when the martial arts is cancelled for religious and racial boundaries, can we truly present infinite fresh, lively and dynamic, and "only comprehensive wushu could cope with any situation" - kick boxing, or jujitsu, no one is stronger, than those who only comprehensive, three-dimensional, can truly based on contemporary comprehensive fighting ring. At present, in Japan, the United States, Brazil, Russia and other countries such as the emergence of such integrated combat games, rapid evolution, although different names, but collectively known as MMA competition.

Countries to introduce

The Gracie family introduced MMA to the United States in 1993, the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The UFC allows any religious martial arts (such as karate and jujitsu, sumo wrestling, free combat, etc.) and the Olympic Games sports, such as boxing, wrestling, tae kwon do take part in the race, and under the rules of unified decided what kind of the best kung fu. For the first time, the UFC allowed us viewers to see a contest between different martial arts at the same venue.

So far, UFC has become the most influential MMA competition in the world, and is recognized as one of the most entertaining and competitive sports events in the world. The success of UFC has received great support from the international martial arts community. The success of UFC has led to the development of MMA worldwide, and MMA has become a global popular movement. So far, the MMA has become a legal competition in all 50 states. Except for the monthly UFC competition; There are also nearly 100 different organizations across the United States that hold their own MMA competitions.

MMA campaigns have been launched in Russia, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark and other European countries. Asia's Kuwait, the united Arab emirates, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines and other regions are also hosting their own MMA competitions. In particular, Japan has become another MMA after the United States. PRIDE is the largest MMA organization in Japan, and UFC is listed as the world leader of MMA competition. PRIDE typically holds a competition once a month in Japan, where tens of thousands of spectators alone gather. Even Japan's k-1, which is known for its boxing matches, has begun to turn half its games into MMA matches.

The MMA competition has gradually become the ultimate development direction of the world boxing competition. Modern professional MMA athletes are highly skilled and have been trained professionally for many years. The MMA athletes are also the world's top athletes. Former Olympic and world championships champion in wrestling, karate, boxing and jujitsu, formed MMA's excellent team. As we stand at the new starting point of the 21st century, we have an overview of the world's martial arts. Comprehensive wushu competition has become the mainstream concept of all kinds of advanced wushu competitions in the world wushu arena.

The development of time

1. The Gracie family first introduced MMA to the United States in 1993 and later UFC was held.

2. Bruce lee made the world realize that martial arts should be popular, not just limited to one faction.

3. Although the Gracie family ruled the MMA earlier than Ken Shamrock, it wasn't until 1998, when UFC player Ken Shamrock became the winner of the ring. Shamrock is a master of many martial arts, including grappling, wrestling and fighting. At the same time, he also studied the ground station and Thai boxing.

So Bruce lee made a great contribution to the spread of MMA, but it wasn't until the emergence of KenShamrock that people really broke the doubt about MMA, and really realized that mixed martial arts are the king.