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The Safety Of MMA
- Jun 28, 2018 -

One might associate MMA with blood and violence, but is MMA safe as a worldwide legal sport? For those who have not been trained by the MMA, integrated martial arts competitions may seem unsafe on the surface. In fact, this is a big misunderstanding. Modern MMA should be said to be a very safe sport and has a fairly good safety record. In its more than 80 years of competition history, only one death has been recorded (in 1998 Russia held an unsanctioned contest of chaotic management). In other sports, such as sanda, boxing, wrestling, football and even tug-of-war, there have been more casualties. In fact, the exaggerated description of the MMA movement is just a kind of commercial hype, which is just for attracting more audiences.

The specific data

The following is a set of casualty statistics on MMA and other sports:

International MMA competition committee:

In six years there were 482 games

A total of 46 cases were injured in six years

Injury rate 9.5% (five-minute round)

A total of one death has been reported so far

American amateur boxing association (1998-2003) :

An average of 25,000 amateur and 5,000 professional boxing matches a year

A total of 9,183 cases were injured

Injury rate 30% (3-minute round)

An average of 3 deaths per year (1.3 deaths per 1,000 people)

American football (1998-2003) :

An average of 12 athletes die in training each year

An average of eight athletes die each year

An average of three athletes die each year from heatstroke

An average of 250,000 concussions per year


An average of 32 deaths per year in motor racing (260 since 1990, including 29 spectators and 5 children)

A total of 128 deaths occurred in horse racing

A total of 11 people died while diving

Seven people died in the motorcycle race

A total of 123 people died during the jump

Fifty-five people died in paragliding

A total of 51 people died in the mountaineering competition

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